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This Is Our Story

The Web Market Smart name was chosen because it reflects our objective; to provide businesses with the smartest web marketing power they need to grow their business – in a truly affordable and results-driven way.

We’ve had more than 60 years of combined experience in business, marketing and technologies. We have worked with individuals and businesses in many diverse fields, and run our own ‘land-based’ businesses. In fact, our own frustrations with marketing in the new ‘online-world’, led us (years ago) to finding out what we needed to do to succeed.

Over the years we’ve worked with, and in, many forms of traditional marketing including Yellow Pages, TV, radio and print. It is abundantly clear, for all businesses, that traditional advertising mediums with its high cost and declining audience, simply cannot compete with online search-engine marketing.

But, we’re not your typical online marketing company. Our approach is different. We’ve taken a laser targeted approach – combining strategy, experience, and technology – for the specific needs and goals of businesses.

We’re 100% Australian owned and operated, and we’re really passionate about helping people. We believe in providing the best value and service for money, and developing long-term relationships.


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